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We are Studio D

A design agency for spatial projects based in Arnhem. We help our clients with architecture, urban design and landscape design projects. With our extensive design tools and visual communication skills we are able to let our creative ideas support accessible decision-making.

Spatial Design

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Meanderende Maas

The Meanderende Maas project will improve the dyke between Ravenstein and Lith, giving the Maas more space and using the opportunities to develop the area qualitatively.

Cleantech A1-zone

Cleantech is about working together for a clean future. It concerns energy transition, climate adaptation, sustainable mobility, attractive living environments, balanced natural living environments and sustainable economic opportunities. The spatial experience, the landscape, will change as a result.

NYMA site

The NYMA site will be a new vibrant part of Nijmegen. Full of hustle and bustle and activities for everyone inside and outside the city. Due to its location on the Waal, the area has a rich, layered history and its own industrial character. We worked on the development strategy and the development plan for the site.

N839 Bemmel - Huissen

The province of Gelderland is working on a solution to improve accessibility, traffic safety and quality of life at the N839 between Bemmel and Huissen. The reason is the growing traffic in the region and the future extension of the A15.

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With our innovative 3D tools you will be able to experience
your design decisions in realtime.

Let's work together

We look forward to assist you with your project. Please do not hesitate to contact Daan van den Berg from our office, phone: +316 537 343 97.

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