About us

A design agency for spatial projects based in Arnhem. We help our clients with architecture, urban design and landscape design projects. With our extensive design tools and visual communication skills we are able to let our creative ideas support accessible decision-making.

The projects we work on need fresh ideas, creativity and imagination. With our eye-level design approach we work on the development of residential areas, work areas and landscapes and the design of public space.

We are committed to the wishes of the client and the stakeholders involved. We think with and from all parties included and only let go when the result allows it. Creating perspective is the guiding principle in our projects. A better living environment, more beautiful and more sustainable, that is our ultimate goal.

Spatial design

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Daan van den Berg

Urban designer

+31 (0) 6 53 73 43 97

Szymon Marciniak

3D designer

+31 (0) 6 27 51 44 14

Lisa van der Lienden

Assistant designer

Timon van der Wal

Multimedia designer

Clients we work for

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