Spatial design

Studio D works on the development and transformation of neighbourhoods, cities and regions. For commercial zones, residential areas and landscapes, we work on masterplans, spatial visions, urban development plans, (re)structuring plans, development strategies and city image plans.

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Design from eye level

In the design process we attach great importance to the eye level perspective. The actual experience of spatial projects from this perspective provides insight into the way in which a spatial plan does or does not function properly. With the help of our design tool Innova 4D, we provide an interactive design process that makes all aspects of a design negotiable. Curious about how this works exactly? Read more about Innova 4D or contact us.

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Circular design

In our designs, we look for the highest possible environmental quality and the lowest possible impact on the environment and surroundings. We work with a circular design process that addresses the entire chain that is related to a spatial design, the life cycle and how parts can possibly be returned to the chain.

Our fields of work

Urban transformation

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Water & spatial development


Energy & climate

Energie & Klimaat

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Daan van den Berg

Urban designer

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