By using maps and infographics, we tell stories that are accessible to everyone. In this way we give administrators, parties involved and residents more insight into a spatial project and we make the essence open to discussion.

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Accessible stories

Within our projects we combine our visual skills with our expertise in the field of urban design and landscape architecture. This way we are able to visualize the essence of a project, ensure better decision-making along the process and more support from all parties involved.

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A story that everyone understands

We value the support of all parties involved during the design process, that is why interaction with everyone is very important. Our maps and infographics guide the conversation about a spatial project and will make sure decisions are made.

Interactive stories

Our interactive stories are also based on the visuals that we create. We do not believe in bulky reports and ensure that each individual can quickly find the information he or she is looking for. We do this with the help of our own interactieve viewer called Innova Planviewer.

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