Urban Transformation

The transformation of existing urban areas offers opportunities for high densities with a diverse program, innovative parking solutions and high-quality public space. We know how to convert this transformation potential of the city into inspiring perspectives, in which the human scale and the identity of a place are central.

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Transformation & heritage

The transformation of a place is not without challenges in terms of environmental aspects, finances and changing ownership situations. We feel at home in multidisciplinary teams that work together on a clear future perspective. For example, we worked for the municipality of Nijmegen on the development strategy and the development plan for the NYMA site. The transformation of this place and the associated heritage required intensive cooperation by all parties involved and the necessary flexibility to be able to continue to develop the site. There has been searched for connection, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge on a large and small scale throughout all layers. The factory forms a growing flexible infrastructure to facilitate this development.

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