The spatial integration of infrastructure is not just about reducing the impact on the immediate environment. The widening or construction of a road often also offers opportunities to add quality. We are working on landscape plans, spatial visions and the formulation of aesthetic requirements for municipalities, provinces and Rijkswaterstaat.

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An eye for complexity and integrity

We work integrally with other disciplines on infrastructure. We entice technical specialists to think outside the box and delve into the technical complexity of other fields. In this way we are able to give attention to spatial quality at different scales in the plan.

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Identity as

The spatial identity of the place is central to our design approach. Within the different layers of a project, we work on the utility value, amenity value and future value of a project. During the design process we look at themes such as road safety and technology, but also at rhythms and patterns, light and use of colour and we have an eye for the detailing of works of art and roadside objects.

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Daan van den Berg

Urban designer

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