Energy & climate

In the coming years, cities and regions will be faced with the challenges of shaping the energy transition and measures for climate adaptation. We help map out opportunities and perspectives.

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Energy & landscape

The current energy transition means that we have to look at our landscape differently. We have to look for different uses of space, a different perception of space and other spatial qualities. Old layers in the landscape, together with the size, scale and dynamics of the landscape, form the starting point. This way, renewable energy can also add quality and meaning to the landscape.

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Climate & development

Global warming and climate change in general mean that cities must take measures to continue to function properly in this new context. This is a difficult task for many cities, especially if the city has a historical character. Such cities often have a stony core and are therefore extra vulnerable to the consequences of climate change in the form of extreme rainfall and heat. In Zutphen we looked for possibilities to combine making the city more climate adaptive with the return of old forgotten and lost historical elements. For example, we have restored the historic green belts where possible and revived them with a clear reference to the past.

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