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A spatial vision for the northeast corner of Amersfoort

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A spatial vision for the northeast corner of Amersfoort

The Nijkerkerstraat used to be an access through the rural area. She has not been that for a long time. Traffic pressure has continued to increase and will continue to increase in the near future. The adjacent functions of the Nijkerkerstraat have changed over the years. The last agricultural activities are changing to urban functions. In some places the area has a cluttered appearance. The transformation of functions and the environment can be used to achieve a higher spatial quality in the area. With a vision for the area, the municipality wants to steer the area transformation on the right track. The area is also part of the green recreational zone between Nijkerk and Amersfoort. Apart from business functions and an infrastructural role, the area must also retain recreational values.

Nijkerkerstraat Amersfoort isometrisch perspectief

Spatial characteristics

In our view, the current ribbon development along the Nijkerkerstraat is the normative for new buildings along this historic exit route. Characteristic properties for this ribbon development include the varying housing types, a staggered building line, varying roof direction, small-scale buildings (1 storey with roof) and the orientation towards the road. The new living and working lots must therefore tie in with this spatial characteristic. This creates a varied ribbon development that slowly transitions into the landscape towards the Hoevelaken estate via the east side of Nijkerkerstraat. The architecture of the individual houses can be in keeping with the current ribbon development, but may also be a modern variation of this architectural style.

Beeldkwaliteit eisen Nijkerkerstraat Amersfoort

Density and plot layout

In addition to the characteristics, the dimensions of the new building plots are also a spatial instrument. We make a distinction between a minimum and a maximum size for both the residential lots and the business lots behind it. Within these extremes there are various possibilities. For example, two small residential lots can be combined with one work lot. The aim of this is to create a varied spatial image through varying plot widths and layouts. This also ensures more variation in the offer, aside from residential and work lots, it will also allow individual residential lots to be put on the market.

Nijkerkerstraat Amersfoort isometrisch perspectief

Integration into the landscape

Because we want to hide the new business activities along the Nijkerkerstaat, each business plot has been provided with a green buffer zone. In this zone there is a slope of 1.5 meters high and upward vegetation that screen off the layout of the site and the warehouse. In addition, we opt for hedgerows perpendicular to Nijkerkerstraat. In combination with the aforementioned plot layout and characteristic, this ensures spatial articulation and a varied image.

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