N839 Bemmel-Huissen

The landscape integration of the road widening between Bemmel and Huissen.

Province of Gelderland



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The landscape integration of the road widening between Bemmel and Huissen.

The province of Gelderland is working on a solution to improve accessibility, traffic safety and quality of life at the N839 between Bemmel and Huissen. The reason is the growing traffic in the region and the future extension of the A15. Commissioned by the province, we worked on the landscape integration of the road widening and the visual communication towards all stakeholders.

Kaart ontwerp N839 uitsnede Bemmel

The landscape plan

The A15 and the N839 cut through the open basin landscape, which extends on the Bemmel side of Linge: the former polder Bemmel. Characteristic are the openness and the small-scale, more or less rectangular ditches and allotment pattern. The landscape becomes less open to the south-west of the line Vergert-Hereken-Baalsestraat. Here are the hamlets Heuvel and Baal. The connection to the A15 is in this zone and intersects the original route of the Karstraat, the old route from Bemmel to Huissen. The southern part of the N839 was newly constructed in the last century and now forms the boundary between the built-up area of ​​Bemmel and the small-scale agricultural landscape around Baal and Klein Baal. The landscapes along the N839 form the sub-area of De Buitens van ​​Park Lingezegen. This is characterized as the Betuwe in miniature.

The entrance to the carpool place in the southern part of the N839 will be adjusted. This is at the expense of existing public green spaces. Along the south side of the road, the cycle path will be widened into a two-way cycle path. There is not enough space in the new situation for the existing trees between the road and the cycle path. These trees are placed back as much as possible on the north side of the roadway. On this side, space will be created for trees because the connection to the Baalsestraat will be relocated and the cycle path along the N839 will be discontinued.

North of the Betuweroute, the N839 will be designed as a road through Park Lingezegen. This means that the linking of Betuwe landscapes is made experienceable here. The line of the N839 is not further accentuated by accompanying plants, so as not to increase the dividing effect in the landscape. However, plants will be added to accentuate area features.

Kaart ontwerp N839 uitsnede Huissen 2

The small-scale landscape around Baal, which is also part of Park Lingezegen, is strengthened and large-scale objects are somewhat masked by upright planting. The accessibility of the landscape for hikers and cyclists will also be improved by the construction of the bicycle expressway along the A15 and the underpass under the N839.

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