Geopark Schelde Delta

A unique geological area on the border of land and water

Province of Zeeland



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A unique geological area on the border of land and water.

The Flemish-Dutch Scheldt Delta is unique in its kind. Nowhere in the world is there a delta area where the interaction between natural processes and cultural history is so present as here. The provinces of Zeeland, North Brabant, East Flanders and Antwerp are therefore working hard to put the area on the map as a UNESCO Global Geopark. We help in this process to visualize the unique qualities in the area.

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A unique area

The area of ​​the Scheldt Delta is 5,500 km², comprises 61 municipalities and has 1,500,000 inhabitants. Over time, the sea and rivers have left their marks in the subsurface. The various walks of the Scheldt are characteristic of the landscape. And then there are the many characteristic elements: drowned villages, medieval convex fields, peat extraction, fortresses, fortresses, lines… Each place tells its own story and thus contributes to the identity of the delta.

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