The first step in the development of the Nieuwe Kadekwartier

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3D visualization & animation
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The first step in the development of the Nieuwe Kadekwartier.

Gashouderskwartier district is being developed between Westervoortsedijk and Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat. A total of 186 new-build homes are being built, of which 71 are owner-occupied homes. There used to be a gas factory in the Gashouderskwartier, therefore the central square is called Gashoudersplein. In the facades of the new houses you see elements that refer to the typical structural steel crosses of the factory. On top of that, the atmosphere of this new district is reminiscent of the original industrial area. We worked on the visualization of the plan and the development of an interactive 3D model where buyers could virtually walk through.

Gashouderskwartier visualisatie
Visualisatie Cobercokwartier Arnhem dag