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It is not always easy to get the government, stakeholders or citizens involved in change in the living environment. Spatial processes often take a long time and not everyone at the table has the same imagination capability. With Innova 4D we show in real-time the impact of spatial choices. In this way we make spatial plans transparent, negotiable and assessable.

Real-time design

Innova 4D can be used in all spatial projects. For example, in the field of energy transition, inner-city restructuring, the integration of infrastructure or the design of public space. Designing in 4D makes it possible to experience projects at an early stage. Think of being able to walk around in a landscape in which the wind turbines rotate and you can follow the drop shadow. A dynamic environment in which you can immediately switch between day and night, different seasons, weather conditions and changing water levels. All this with the option to adjust the design yourself while looking around.

Better design process

With the tools of Innova 4D, spatial projects become understandable for everyone. Adjustments are immediately visible and can be experienced from different perspectives.

More insight

In addition to the visible effects, the invisible effects of a spatial project also become clear. Think of the impact of different water levels or the influence of lighting in the evening.

More support

Innova 4D removes differences in interpretation about the intended final image and ensures more interaction in the design process. This creates more support.


Energy landscapes

Innova 4D lets you design energy landscapes. This way, the impact of wind turbines becomes visible at different scale levels and the landscape integration of solar fields can be examined.


Innova 4D lets you design for the landscape integration of infrastructure. In addition, it is possible to get into the car yourself and experience the new design and adjust it at the same time.


Innova 4D lets you design for urban transformation tasks. For example, it is possible to assess design variants in real time and to play with the drop shadow of buildings.



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