By using our own software, we create new ways to experience spatial projects and make the design process interactive. This provides more insights into spatial choices and more support from all parties involved.

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Innova 4D design tool

Innova 4D is a design tool that makes spatial plans transparent and easier to assess. Designing in 4D makes it possible to experience projects at an early stage. Think of being able to walk around in a landscape in which wind turbines rotate and you can follow the drop shadow. A dynamic environment in which you can immediately switch between day and night, different seasons, weather conditions and changing water levels. All this with the option to adjust the design yourself while looking around.

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Innova 4D viewer

For many people who want to buy a house, it is difficult to read a floor plan or 2D plan map properly. The Innova 4D viewer is a tool that gives a new dimension to the sales process of homes. It allows potential buyers to take a virtual walk through their intended new neighbourhood and home. While looking around, people can adjust the position of the sun themselves or add options to a home. There can also be interaction with neighbours who simultaneously walk around the virtual environment. These are just a few possibilities, curious about the whole story? Please contact us, we will be happy to show you a demo.

Innova planviewer

Our Innova planviewer functions as a digital atlas for spatial projects. In the viewer we show how a spatial plan will change the current situation. We combine map material with 3D visualizations, 360 degree panoramas and 3D animations for insight into the design. By combining this information in an attractive way, a complete overview of the project is created and can be shared with a wide audience.

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