Meanderende Maas

The Meanderende Maas project will improve the dyke between Ravenstein and Lith, giving the Maas more space and using the opportunities to develop the area qualitatively. The design of dyke reinforcement and floodplain area has many sensitivities. Stakeholders are looking critically at the effects on their property and the consequences for the landscape and spatial quality in the area. We help the Aa en Maas district water board to carefully map out these consequences.

The power of visualization

By using visualizations and a 3D animation video, we visualized the new dynamics of the area. For us, visualizing a spatial plan is more than just a functional representation of an idea, it is also about the feeling and experience of a place. Our challenge was to capture this and make it accessible to everyone, so that the outlined preferred alternative and its meaning is transparent at different scales, gives confidence and offers room for interpretation.

Meanderende maas isometrisch perspectief
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