Expansion Sluis Eefde

Rijkswaterstaat is expanding the floodgate complex at Eefde with a second floodgate. The waiting times are too long and the current floodgate needs major maintenance. The floodgate at Eefde is an essential logistical link in the European shipping connection. The construction of a second lock chamber ensures shorter waiting times and therefore better accessibility to the ports of Twente. In collaboration with Tappan, we worked on the 3D visualization of the new floodgate and the representation of the northern area that is being redesigned in the landscape.

Gashouderskwartier district is being developed between Westervoortsedijk and Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat. A total of 186 new-build homes are being built, of which 71 are owner-occupied homes. There used to be a gas factory in the Gashouderskwartier, therefore the central square is called Gashoudersplein. In the facades of the new houses you see elements that refer to the typical structural steel crosses of the factory. On top of that, the atmosphere of this new district is reminiscent of the original industrial area. We worked on the visualization of the plan and the development of an interactive 3D model where buyers could virtually walk through.

The Nijkerkerstraat used to be an access through the rural area. She has not been that for a long time. Traffic pressure has continued to increase and will continue to increase in the near future. The adjacent functions of the Nijkerkerstraat have changed over the years. The last agricultural activities are changing to urban functions. In some places the area has a cluttered appearance. The transformation of functions and the environment can be used to achieve a higher spatial quality in the area. With a vision for the area, the municipality wants to steer the area transformation on the right track. The area is also part of the green recreational zone between Nijkerk and Amersfoort. Apart from business functions and an infrastructural role, the area must also retain recreational values.

The NYMA site will be a new vibrant part of Nijmegen. Full of hustle and bustle and activities for everyone inside and outside the city. Due to its location on the Waal, the area has a rich, layered history and its own industrial character. We worked on the development strategy and the development plan for the site. A route has been set out with the aim of transforming NYMA into an attractive place for visitors and entrepreneurs.

Luchtfoto NYMA terrein Nijmegen

An organic development

The starting point is to develop the site in an organic way, leaving room for unknown, experimental, temporary developments but also more permanent ones. This makes the site scalable over time. The factory functions as an infrastructure for housing production, or the intricate network of users and visitors.

To steer this development on the right track, a spatial framework has been included in the development plan. Within this framework, the joint ambitions have been established by means of five core values. In this way NYMA becomes a development based on local joint knowledge and strength and the existing qualities are the starting point. Throughout all layers, connections, cooperation and the sharing of knowledge on a large and small scale are sought. The factory forms a growing flexible infrastructure to facilitate this development.

NYMA terrein Nijmegen ruimtelijke visie
Fabriek A en B NYMA terrein Nijmegen
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