N825 Nettelhorsterweg

In 2020 major maintenance will be carried out on the Nettelhorsterweg (N825) between Lochem and Borculo. We looked at any adjustments in the route of the road. In collaboration with the Gelders Genootschap we have worked on the landscape plan and the communication towards residents. With the Nettelhorst estate and accompanying avenue structures as special elements, a good integration of the road was examined on the one hand and opportunities to strengthen the specific qualities of the estate and its immediate surroundings on the other.

The province of Gelderland is working on a solution to improve accessibility, traffic safety and quality of life at the N839 between Bemmel and Huissen. The reason is the growing traffic in the region and the future extension of the A15. Commissioned by the province, we worked on the landscape integration of the road widening and the visual communication towards all stakeholders.

The Stedendriehoek Apeldoorn, Deventer, Zutphen is the Cleantech Region. Cleantech is about working together for a clean future. It concerns energy transition, climate adaptation, sustainable mobility, attractive living environments, balanced natural living environments and sustainable economic opportunities. The spatial experience, the landscape, will change as a result. At the same time, the region cherishes the existing spatial qualities, the high biodiversity and the unique experience of landscape, heritage, villages and cities. The widening of the A1, over the next 10 years, is seen as an opportunity to accelerate and coherently realize the ambitions of the region in a wide zone on both sides of the motorway.

Cleantech A1-zone landschapstypen

The spatial quality map

The collaborating partners in the area between Apeldoorn and Voorst felt the need to respond constructively and consistently to these developments, with a view to preserving and developing spatial quality and a sustainable economy. In collaboration with the Gelders Genootschap, we have worked on a spatial quality map that provides direction and offers inspiring tools when considering initiatives with a spatial impact from the Cleantech A1 zone.

Toolbox Cleantech A1-zone

The map shows what we cherish and where we see opportunities for landscape enhancement and energy transition. The “map” is a means of communication to inspire and provide direction in further discussion and spatial considerations that have yet to be made. The result is a toolbox with instruments that can be used to further deepen projects and assignments in the area. We provide the tools with which initiators can get started. In addition, the map also puts a number of area-oriented design tasks on the agenda, which can be tackled in collaboration with governments and other partners.

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